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The City of Avondale is seeking interested artists to provide functional public art at the proposed Avondale Care1st Resource Center at the Marie Lopez Rogers Complex, which will be constructed on East Riley Drive & Eliseo C. Felix Jr. Way. The facility will begin construction in December 2019 and is expected to be completed in December 2020.  The art elements must be completed and installed prior to December 1, 2020.

Call to Artists     

Design Rendering of Resource Center


About the Care 1st Avondale Resource Center at the Marie Lopez Rogers Complex

 The Center is a multifaceted hub for human services which was established in 2008 through an innovative public and private partnership between Care1st Health Plan Arizona, Southwest Regional Council for First Things First and the City of Avondale.  More than 50 agencies provide an array of services including health insurance enrollment, nutrition services, financial and emergency assistance, rental/ mortgage assistance, utility assistance, parenting and early childhood development classes.  The Center has experienced a significant increase in utilization of services in the past several years. In FY 2017, the Center served more than 63,541 individuals. The Center is now on track to serve 80,000 residents in the current fiscal year.  

 Resource Center Design Development Rendering Outside

The Resource Center currently exists in a building that was the former Old Town Library building (328 W Western Ave.) and was converted into a resource center in 2008. Since that time, the Center functions have outgrown the current facilities.  In addition, the city’s Senior Center program has outgrown its current facility.  In 2017 City Council allocated funding and authorized the construction of a new resource center that would consolidate the resource center, senior center and the various divisions of the Neighborhood and Family Services Department into a single community resource center. The new 25,000 square foot resource center will be located at 995 East Riley Drive. Avondale, AZ 85323. The facility is currently in the design phase, with construction expected to begin in December 2019.  

Resource Center Design Development Rendering Siteplan


The new resource center will be a hub for human services where community members are welcomed to a safe haven that provides a sense of belonging and empowers community members to improve their quality of life. It is a beacon of hope that anchors a sense of community in the Southwest Valley.


The public art project at the Care 1st Avondale Resource Center will highlight Avondale’s commitment to public art, building upon the public art collection already on display throughout Avondale. Please review the City of Avondale Public Art Masterplan at (located on left).




Project Requirements

The public art element will be located outdoors in the courtyard of the Resource Center:

  • In addition to its visual appeal, the public art pieces/pieces must incorporate functional design elements to provide shade and seating to the outdoor courtyard of the Resource Center
  • The proposed art may be a single piece or consist of multiple exhibits
  • The proposed design will have a multi-generational appeal and take into consideration the activities that take place at the Resource Center (for instance, music, gardening, health and wellness, social interaction, physical activity and playtime, education programs)
  • The art will be a “uniquely Avondale” statement piece
  • The art must be easy to maintain and withstand the outdoor elements
  • The art must comply with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements
  • The artist will work with the City’s Project Manager (Abacus PM) to coordinate with the project’s architect and construction contractor.  Coordination to include determination of installation location, preparations, site logistics, delivery, site safety and other aspects of completing the work.
  • The artist will be required to attend progress meetings as necessary.
  • The artist will be required to present their concept to the stakeholders and users of the Avondale Care 1st Resource Center (for instance, the senior center participants) to obtain relevant feedback that may be incorporated into the project.



This project is open to all professional artists and design architects.



The members of Avondale Municipal Art Committee are residents of the community, many of whom are artists and art professionals. The Committee will select the concept that best suits the project.   The selection process will take into consideration the artist’s past projects, professional experience, and will give careful consideration to the submittal statement describing the project and the drawings and/or photographs submitted.


Interested artists will be required to present and discuss their concept with the Avondale Municipal Art Committee on Tuesday, December 17 at 6 p.m. (pending the committee’s quorum requirements.)



To be considered for this project:


•    A minimum of five and maximum of ten photographs of work completed within the past five years work, including the dimensions of each piece.

•    Copy of a current resume

•    Contact information

•    Three to Five images either photograph(s) or drawings and dimensions of the work to be considered, including any environmental considerations or restrictions

•    Artist statement regarding the work to be considered

•    Artist’s installation requirements



Proposed budget for project completion: not to exceed $65,000. The not-to-exceed budget is all inclusive of time, materials, delivery, installation, taxes and other costs.




Applications must be received at the Avondale City Hall by 5:00 p.m. M.S.T. on Nov. 13, 2019.


DEADLINE: Submissions will be received at the Avondale City Hall, c/o Avondale Municipal Art Committee, 11465 W. Civic Center Drive, Avondale, AZ 85323


For Questions please contact (623) 333-2787,


Disclaimer: The Avondale Municipal Art Committee reserves the right to make the final decision as it best represents the view of the City of Avondale.


Call to Artists     

Design Rendering of Resource Center