Public Art

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Art Committee


The Municipal Art Committee Public Art Master Plan seeks to define Avondale as a unique sense of place, with a community identity that celebrates the past and embraces the future as a rich and vibrant arts and entertainment center celebrating the talents and culture of the people who live here.

 In keeping with this vision, the Municipal Art Committee Public Art Master Plan seeks to promote art that:

• Embraces families; community; and Latino, Southwest, and modern art which reflects the City’s cultural identity;

• Preserves, protects, and educates our community about Avondale’s history; and

• Celebrates Avondale’s agricultural heritage.


What is Public Art?

Because public art is inherently dependent on a public and creative process that is often intangible, it is difficult to prescribe a universal definition to the term “public art” Much has been written about the difference between “art in public places” and “public art.” New terminology is continually being coined in attempts to grasp the essence of the creative process and the sometimes “therapeutic” or healing, and/or proactive climate that takes place in a community both during the making of a public art project, and for the years following its arrival to place. Public art has been known to bring communities together, to solve community problems, to put communities on the map, and to make communities beautiful. For purposes of this document, a working definition of public art is as follows:   Any work of art or element of design, created by visual or public context artists, that is sited in a public place for people to experience. This can include installations, murals, outdoor sculptures, or infrastructure such as public fixtures or furniture and other function elements that are designed and/or built by artists.