Public Hearing on Proposed Development Impact Fees

Post Date: 11/14/2018 - In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 9-463.05, the City of Avondale is holding a public hearing to accept comments on the proposed development impact fees. The public hearing will be held at Avondale City Hall at the City Council meeting scheduled:  Monday, January 14, 2019,  City Hall Council Chambers, 11465 W. Civic Center Drive, Avondale, Arizona 85323 at 7:00 pm.  City Council reviewed the Land Use Assumptions and Infrastructure Improvement Plan on Monday, October 15, 2018. 


Rebate Programs

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Water Conservation Rebate Programs 

The intent of the Rebate Programs is to encourage a permanent reduction in the amount of water used inside and outside of the home by establishing financial incentives for customers with a water account with the City of Avondale.  Customers will help by assisting the city’s water conservation efforts by installing specific water saving technologies, and be eligible to receive a rebate in the form of a check from the City.

This program is in an effort to conserve and protect the City’s limited water resources and to ensure compliance with the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ water conservation requirements.    

The city has implemented a multi-faceted Water Conservation Program to address water waste and misuse. 

 The program includes the following rebates: 
  • Xeriscape - Turf Conversion Rebate up to $400 for installation of, or conversion to Xeriscape landscape Application
  • Low Flow Plumbing Rebate  up to $75 (toilets)/$5 (showerhead) Application
  • Residential Automatic Irrigation Controller Rebate up to $50  Application
  • High-Efficiency Clothes Washer $100 (Residential only)   Application
  • "Smart Irrigation Controllers for Non-Residential Water Users $200 Application
  • Landscape conversions for Non-Residential Water Users $200 per 1,000 s.f. converted   Application

When submitting an application a W-9 Tax Identification Form is also required to be submitted.  W-9

If you have further questions regarding these programs please contact:

Avondale Public Works Department - Water Conservation staff at 623.333.4400