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 **COVID-19 Response**   The following official announcements have been made by the city in regards to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   In an effort to minimize the visits to City Hall, please use our online services for paying your water bill

Avondale is following guidance provided by the state Governor’s Executive Orders: Effective Sunday, June 21, 2020 the wearing of face coverings by employees and customers will be required in all city facilities,  retail establishments, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms, indoor sports or activity facilities, and medical offices. Additionally, these businesses will be required to post notice of these requirements at their entrances. (see more: COVID-19 Response)


Maintenance & Recordkeeping

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Controlling fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in the collection system is an important component of an over all plan for minimizing sanitary sewer overflows.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of pretreatment devices is critical to the proper performance and effectiveness of pretreatment devices to eliminate/reduce FOG discharges into the sanitary sewer system.
"Grease, Oil, Hair, and Sand Interceptors: Grease, oil, hair, and sand interceptors shall be required when, in the opinion of the Director, they are necessary for the proper handling of Wastewater containing excessive amounts of FOG (Fats, Oils, & Grease), or sand; except that such interceptors shall not be required for residential Users.  All interceptor units shall be of type and capacity approved by the Director and shall be so located to be easily accessible for cleaning and inspection.  Such interceptors shall be inspected, cleaned and repaired regularly, as needed, by the User at the User's expense." City of Avondale Code Chapter 24-104 (b) (3)
Responsibilities of a commercial facility complying with Pretreatment Regulations:
  • Hire a pumping company and maintain a set pumping schedule
  • Oversee the pumping company is cleaning the interceptor properly
  • Validate the pumping company is disposing of the waste properly
  • Keep all pumping manifest on site or accessible for City Inspection  for a period of at least (3) years
  • Email the Pretreatment Coordinator your records.  This will minimize the inspection time. 
Interceptor Cleaning Guidelines:
  • Pump out ALL water and solids
  • Scrape/hose down sides of the device to remove any debris adhering to sides of device.  make sure the device is completely clean.
  • Inspect/Repair inlet/outlet elbows and tees
  • Inspect/Repair baffle walls and pass through
  • Recommend refilling device with water through internal devices (i.e. floor drain).
  • Develop pump out schedules that prevent solids or floatable buildup in the final compartment.
  • Keep maintenance records on site for at least three years.
  • Recommend facility witness device cleaning to ensure the device is operating properly.
  • Bacteria shall not be used as a substitute for cleaning.
  • Emulsifying agents are prohibited to be discharged into a pretreatment device
  • Recommend cleaning devices every 90 days at a minimum.
  • No material removed from a device may be reintroduced into device from which it was removed or any other device.
  • All material removed from a pretreatment device shall be disposed of in a proper manner.
(Pumping of a Hydro mechanical Grease Interceptor- Grease Trap)

(Pumping of a Gravity Grease Interceptor)
If a business is found to have neglected maintenance or pumping of an interceptor and caused a public nuisance, they can be help financially liable for City costs incurred in removing, abating, or remedying said nuisance. City of Avondale Chapter 24-113 (f)