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Avondale Citizen's Water Alliance

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Most people rarely think about all;that it takes to deliver water to their tap or sewage away from their home or business.  In fact, for most people it is as simple as, "I turn on my faucet and it's there. I flush my toilet and it goes away!"  In Public Works, we see it as a compliment when our customers can take us and the vital services we provide for granted. But in reality, there is a great deal involved in providing a reliable, safe drinking water supply and moving and treating wastewater.  The Avondale Citizen's Water Alliance (ACWA) was created to fill this knowledge gap, providing behind the scenes access opportunities and creating a legion of users that fully understand and appreciate the infrastructure, processes and people involved in the water and wastewater production, delivery and treatment process. 


The City of Avondale is inviting residents and businesses to become members of the Avondale Citizen's Water Alliance by participating in our first ever Avondale Citizen's Water Alliance Academy - a hands-on, interactive, highly informative series of four, two and a half hour sessions devoted to the topic of all things water and wastewater.  You will engage with the City's water professionals who plan, build, protect and deliver services for Avondale’s vast water and wastewater infrastructure. Go behind-the-scenes with tours of Avondale’s water reclamation facility, wetlands and water well-sites. Learn where your water comes from, how its treated, delivered, reclaimed and funded through water rates. Take a virtual journey through the City’s sewer pipe system with high-tech cameras, learn how a fire hydrant works and get a first-hand look at the specialized equipment it takes to properly operate and maintain the water and sewer systems. You will also get to visit the award-winning Avondale Aquaculture site, the state’s first and only municipal fish hatchery.

The Academy's four sessions will be held at the Public Work's Municipal Operations Center, 399 E. Lower Buckeye Rd, from 5:00 - 7:30 PM on:

  • Wednesday, August 7,
  • Wednesday, August 21,
  • Wednesday, September 11, 
  • Wednesday, September 25.

A light dinner will be served at each session. Enrollment is free, and is open to residents, the business community, and stakeholders interested in developing a better understanding of Avondale’s water portfolio, infrastructure, capital planning and the intricate rate setting methodology that funds it all. Graduates from the academy will leave with a better understanding of the value of water, the costs associated with its production, treatment, delivery and reclamation, and how they can save money through water conservation.

ACWA Academy graduates will be recognized at a City Council meeting in October.

The 2019 Academy has reached maximum enrollment. We are currently adding names to a waiting list, in case seats become available.  If we are not able to accommodate your request this year, you will be contacted first to fill available seats in the 2020 Academy.  


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