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 **COVID-19 Response**   The following official announcements have been made by the city in regards to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   In an effort to minimize the visits to City Hall, please use our online services for paying your water bill

Avondale is following guidance provided by the state Governor’s Executive Orders: Effective Sunday, June 21, 2020 the wearing of face coverings by employees and customers will be required in all city facilities,  retail establishments, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms, indoor sports or activity facilities, and medical offices. Additionally, these businesses will be required to post notice of these requirements at their entrances. (see more: COVID-19 Response)



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General Information

Where is the Avondale Police Department located?

The police headquarters building is located at 11485 W Civic Center Dr. There are four police stations throughout the city.  Click here for addresses and phone numbers

When is the Police Department Main Station lobby open?

The Police Department main station lobby located at 11485 W Civic Center Dr is open Monday through Thursdays between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. The lobby is closed on holidays.  If you need assistance when the lobby is closed call 9-1-1 for an emergency or 623-333-7001 for a non-emergency.

I need to have my fingerprints taken, does the police department have fingerprinting?

At this time we are not offering fingerprinting services.  Here are some facilities to have fingerprint cards completed: 

    1. UPS Store 11435 West Buckeye Road, Avondale, AZ 623-936-4214, no appointments necessary - Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.  
    2. 911 Drug Testing and Fingerprint Services 7802 North 43rd Ave #1, Glendale AZ  85301 480-681-0400, no appointment necessary - Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm.
    3. Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting 2432 West Peoria Ave #1009, Phoenix, AZ 602-246-3444, no appointment necessary - Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

The Records Bureau maintains all electronic and paper records generated by the Police Department. Information regarding requests for police records can be made by calling 623-333-7002. A charge of $5.00 is assessed up to a 20 page report plus 20 cents for each subsequent page. Requests must be paid at the time of the request and can be made in person or by mail (by cash or credit/debit card). Once a request for a copy of a report is received by records personnel, a response is generally received by the applicant within ten working days; however, it may take longer depending upon the type of report and stage of investigation. To request a specific police report, provide as much information as possible on the Public Records Request Form to the Records Bureau along with payment.

Copies of Accident Reports can be obtained electronically from

Does the Avondale Police Department offer online reporting?

Yes, the Avondale Police Department is now offering online reporting for some property crimes.  Please visit our Online Reporting page for more information about what crimes can be reported online. For any crimes in progress, please call 9-1-1.

How do I get my property back that was impounded?

For questions regarding impounded property, or to schedule an appointment to pick-up property please call 623-333-7004. For more information regarding the release of impounded property please visit the Property & Evidence page

My car was towed and impounded, what do I do?

For information applying to all thirty (30) day vehicle impounds pursuant to A.R.S. 28-3511 by the Avondale Police Department please visit the Impounded Vehicles page. If your vehicle was impounded by another law enforcement agency you must contact that agency directly for assistance in obtaining the release of your vehicle. If your vehicle was impounded as evidence of a crime, you must contact the case officer or detective handling your case for more information. 

Do I have to register my alarm in the City of Avondale?

The Avondale Alarm Ordinance requires all alarms to be registered. False alarms will be tracked and the third false alarm (and any subsequent false alarm) within a year will result in a fine. Please visit the False Alarm Reduction Program page for more information. Registration and payments are NOT sent directly to the Police Department. All registrations are handled through CryWolf

Is there a curfew in the City of Avondale?

Yes, there is a curfew for minors in Avondale. Under 16 years of age curfew is between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.; between 16-18 years of age the curfew hours are between midnight and 5 a.m. Minors found unaccompanied by an adult during the set curfew hours will be detained and the parent/guardian can be cited.

Contacting the Police Department

How do I know if I should dial 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number?

If the situation is life threatening or a crime is in progress, call 9-1-1.  If you want to report a crime that has already occurred, report suspicious activity, have a non-emergency situation or have a question, call 623-333-7001 the non-emergency number.

What should I do if I dial 9-1-1 by mistake?

Do not hang up. Even if you hang up prior to us answering the phone, your call will still go through and register as an abandoned call. Just stay on the phone and let the 911 operator know that you do not have an emergency and that you dialed by accident. The operator will ask you to verify your name, phone number, and address to make sure that the information in our system is correct but as long as there is no emergency we will not send an officer to your location. If you hang up prior to us answering, we will call you back to verify whether there is an actual emergency and if there is no contact made, we will dispatch an officer to your location if it is known.

What can I do to make sure I get help quickly?

Being able to tell the operator your location and your phone number will assist in providing the best possible response. Make sure your children have their address memorized in the event they need to call 9-1-1. If you are not at home and do not know the address from where you are calling, look around for buildings, street signs, or other landmarks that will help the operator and responding officers find you. Your location is the most important piece of information you can provide as the 9-1-1 caller. 

Why can it take so long for an Officer to arrive when I call?

The Communications Staff works on a priority system. Information related to the call for service is used to prioritize calls from higher priorities to lower priorities. Higher priority calls are dispatched before lower priority calls. For example, a fight in progress or a motor vehicle accident with injuries would be assigned a higher priority than a barking dog or a theft that is not in progress. 

If I am talking to a Police Dispatcher, is an Officer responding to my location?

Police Dispatchers are trained to ask questions. It is the operator’s responsibility to gather enough information to determine how each phone call is best handled. The dispatcher asks more questions during an incident that is in progress than a delayed call. When an operator is talking to a citizen about a crime in progress, the dispatcher gathers preliminary information, enters it into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) computer, and forwards it to be dispatched. The call is then assigned to officers, who then respond. The dispatcher remains on the phone with the caller gathering information while forwarding it via the CAD system. An additional dispatcher may relay updated information to the responding officers while they are driving to the location.

What happens when I dial 9-1-1 from Avondale? Am I talking to my local Police Department?

Yes, your call is routed to the Avondale Police Department. We will determine if you need police, fire or medical assistance. If you need police assistance we will handle your call. If you need fire or medical assistance we will connect you to the Phoenix Fire Alarm Room. Phoenix Fire dispatches the Avondale Fire units. It is important to let us know at the beginning of the conversation what type of assistance you need. If you are calling from a cell phone your call is routed based on your current location. If you are near the border of two cities your call will be answered by one of those cities. The operator will verify what city your event is occurring in and make sure you are speaking to the correct agency.

Why does the 9-1-1 Operator sometimes ask me to call back on a non-emergency number?

Many people use 9-1-1 to call in any type of complaint or question they might have. We do not want the 9-1-1 lines tied up with non-emergency calls. If you have a non-emergency, please call 623-333-7001 to reach the Avondale Police Department.

If I suspect drug activity, a drug house, or a meth lab in my neighborhood, who do I call?

If the situation is life threatening or is a crime in progress CALL 9-1-1, otherwise call 623-333-7001 the non-emergency number to report any suspected drug activity.

Noise Complaints & Animal Control

Does the City of Avondale have a noise ordinance involving animals?

Yes, Avondale has a noise ordinance. A full copy of the ordinance is available here.

In 2009 the ordinance was enhanced, changing the circumstances necessary to issue a citation for animal related complaints only:

  • Must be at least two complainants who are not related and live in separate residences willing to file a complaint.
  • All complainants are required to testify in court, otherwise the case is dismissed
  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted

Are there set noise disturbance times?

No, Avondale does not have set noise disturbance hours. Officers can be sent out anytime if someone is disturbing the peace. However, many apartment complexes and Home Owners Associations do have set hours, so if that applies to your residence contact your management for more information. The Police Department cannot enforce apartment rules, Home Owner Association rules, or CCR's.  

What do I do if I have questions or complaints involving animals?

The Avondale Police Department’s Animal Control Division has oversight of certain animal related issues in the city. Animal Control Officers are on duty during regular business hours seven days a week (excluding holidays).  Please contact our non-emergency line 623-333-7001. You can leave a message on our Animal Control Hotline at 623-333-7012.

They respond to:

  • Aggressive Animals
  • Animal Bites
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Injured Animals
  • Contained Animals
  • Barking Dogs

What happens to lost/stray dog?

All the dogs impounded by Avondale Animal Control are transported to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control facility located at 2500 S 27 Ave in Phoenix at the end of each day. We work seven days a week excluding holidays. The Maricopa County Animal Care and Control website has a found pet locater that shows where the dog was picked up on a map and there is usually a photo of the animal attached.

Animal complaints - such as ‘My neighbor’s dog is always barking, what can I do?’

For neighborhood issues, talking to your neighbor might be the simplest solution. However if that fails, the noise ordinance does apply to barking dogs, but only if an address of the offending animal can be provided. Anonymous complaints and those without a specified address cannot be dispatched. However, there may be those occasions when only one person will come forward to file a noise complaint, especially when it pertains to barking dogs. In those cases the Avondale Police Department will still respond to your call for service (please note that the first call must be handled by an Animal Control Officer) please see the Avondale Noise Ordinance Information document (PDF) for more information.

Crime Information

What crimes have occurred in my neighborhood, or in a potential new neighborhood in Avondale?

To view reported crimes in Avondale please visit the Community Crime Map.    

How do I know if there is a sex offender living in my neighborhood?

The Avondale Police Department has partnered with Offender Watch to manage and monitor the whereabouts of sex offenders living in Avondale. Through this program, you can create an alert to notify you by e-mail whenever a sex offender moves within a mile of the address you provide.  You can also visit the Department of Public Safety's Offender Info Center to view sex offenders throughout the State of Arizona. You can search by zip code and/or name. 


How do I learn more about working for the Avondale Police Department?

Avondale is one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona. Because of this growth, we anticipate our police department will see a growth in both sworn and professional staff. The Avondale Police department is committed to developing an agency that is as culturally diverse as the population we serve.

How do I become a Volunteer at the Police Department?

For more information about our Volunteer Program, please visit our Volunteer page or contact the Avondale Police Department Volunteer Coordinator at 623-333-7341.  Volunteers with the Police Department must undergo the same rigorous background screening as all police employees, including a polygraph examination. Prior to submitting a request for more information please take a look at the Disqualifications page, which lists the most common automatic disqualifiers.  

Jail / Court Related Questions

How do I obtain information on a person who has been arrested?

Please contact the Avondale City Court at 623-333-5800 or the Avondale City Jail at 623-333-7009.

How do I visit a person in custody at the Avondale City Jail?

Please contact the Avondale City Jail at 623-333-7009.

Visitation hours: Saturday & Sunday only, between 9:00 am to 10:00 am & 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Visits are for direct family members only and verification of relationship is required (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc). Visitors must present valid U.S. identification at the time of visit.

Visitors may not bring personal property into the jail other than vehicle keys and identification.

How do I post bond for a person in custody at the Avondale City Jail?

You need to contact the Avondale City Court for bond information at 623-333-5800. 

How do I obtain charges on a person who is been or is being held in jail?

You need to contact the Avondale City Court for information related to charges. Please call 623-333-5800.

Other Service Related Questions

How do I find out about my rights as a crime victim?

For information about the services provided by the Avondale Police Department Victim Services Unit or to obtain information regarding Victims Rights please visit our Victims Services page. Addition information may be found on the Arizona Attorney General's website Victim Services/Resources page.  

Who do I contact for an Order of Protection and how does it work?

The City of Avondale has a City Court that issues Orders of Protection as well as Harassment Injunctions.

The Avondale City Court is located at 11325 W Civic Center Dr, Avondale AZ 85323, approximately one-half mile south of Van Buren on Avondale Boulevard (115th Avenue).

PLEASE NOTE:  New Court Hours Monday through Thursday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CLOSED ON FRIDAYS and Legal Holidays. The phone number for the court is: (623) 333-5800.

Where can I find the Avondale City Codes?

To access Avondale City codes please visit the municode site

Who do I call if my ex-spouse violates our child custody agreement?

All domestic civil issues must be addressed with the Court, please contact the Maricopa Superior Court for information.

Where do I find statewide community information and referral services?

Arizona 2-1-1 is an online site for Community Information and Referral Services in Arizona, and serves as a source of integrated information.

What is reverse 9-1-1?

Reverse 9-1-1 is a program that is used to notify residents of important information, by sending a recorded message through the telephone system. 

If you do not register your cell phone number, you will only get reverse 9-1-1 notifications if you have a land-line phone at your residence. If you do not have a land-line or would like to receive these notifications by cell, the below website link allows you to register your cell phone to your home address - 

What is Community Bridges?

Community Bridges is a non-profit organization that provides behavioral health programs: including substance abuse and mental health treatment, lifesaving interventions, support for women and children, outreach to help the homeless and community-based prevention and education services for youth and families. A new Community Bridges facility was opened in Avondale at is located at 824 N 99th Ave, Avondale.  

How do I know if a vehicle in my neighborhood, or one that I am buying has been reported stolen?

Please report ANY suspicious activity by calling 623-333-7001 the non-emergency number. If the situation is life threatening or a crime is in progress, call 9-1-1.

Additionally, the Arizona Attorney General has a website to check to see if a vehicle has been reported stolen. For more information please visit the Arizona Attorney General’s website TheftAZ.  Please note this site is not maintained by the Avondale Police Department. 

Where is the Avondale City Court located?

The Avondale City Court is located at 11325 W Civic Center Dr, Avondale AZ 85323, approximately one-half mile south of Van Buren on Avondale Boulevard (115th Avenue). PLEASE NOTE:  New Court Hours Monday through Thursday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CLOSED ON FRIDAYS and Legal Holidays. The phone number for the court is: (623) 333-5800.

Please visit the Arizona Superior Court website for locations and information.   

Where is the nearest MVD?

The Avondale location for the MVD is located at 1452 N Eliseo C Felix Jr Way, Avondale AZ.

Please visit the ADOT website to search for the location nearest you.


Please note that all external sites are not maintained by the Avondale Police Department. If you experience trouble access a site please email our general information account -

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