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Declaration of State of Emergency - *Imposition of Curfew* - (*Parks Update* In response to Governor Ducey's executive order calling for a statewide curfew, all parks will close at 7:30 p.m. until June 8th.)

Public Notice of Proposed Increase in Primary Property Tax Levy & Increase in Fees
**COVID-19 Response**   The following official announcements have been made by the city in regards to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   In an effort to minimize the visits to City Hall, please use our online services for paying your water bill

Heat Relief Locations

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Hydration Station & Refuge Map - Valleywide Locations

Arizona is one of the hottest places on earth from May to September. Heat-related illnesses are common during the summer.Whether you live in the or are just visiting, staying safe in the Arizona heat is a priority. Avondale summers are some of the hottest on the planet, but spring and fall can be just as dangerous. That doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the great weather, just follow some simple tips to avoid a heat-related illness. Drinking plenty of water and using sunscreen is a great start. But there’s so much more to keeping yourself, family and pets safe in the extreme Arizona heat. 

Your body keeps itself cool by letting heat escape through the skin, and by evaporating sweat (perspiration). If your body does not cool properly or does not cool enough, you might suffer from a heat-related illness.

The Heat Relief Network offers tips for staying safe in the heat and Hydration and Collection maps for places to get water and donate water around Maricopa County. 

The water hydration station and refuge location maps below are printable to share with your community, Avondale hosts three hydration stations:

  • Avondale Community Center 1007 S. 3rd St., Avondale 623-333-2417 Mo-Th: 8 am - 5 pm
  • Care1st Avondale Resource Center 328 W. Western Ave., Avondale 623-333-2761
  • City of Avondale City Hall 11465 W. Civic Center Dr., Avondale 623-333-1214 Mo-Th: 7 am - 6 pm