Purchasing Representatives by Department

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Purchasing Representatives by Department

Aggregate cost of $25,000 or Less

The Request for Quotations for Small Purchase method may be used by each department when:

  • Price is less than $25,000 in the aggregate for commodities or Non-professional services:
    • For single purchases or individual recurring purchases made without contract: aggregate costs means the cost of the individual purchase
    • For contracts: aggregate costs means the total potential cost of the contract, including any option years and amendments, or the time between full procurements for that same goods/services/etc.
    • Provide a clear and accurate description of the technical requirements for the material, product, or service to be procured.
  • Determining factor:  Responsible, most reasonable and responsive lowest written price
  • Example:  Office supplies, miscellaneous repairs/equipment, one-time purchase, equipment repair services, etc.

 If you are interested in submitting quotations for purchases under $25,000, you may contact the department representative(s) directly to provide information on the products or services you offer.




City Administration  623-333-0100

Intergovernmental Affairs

 City Clerk  623-333-1200
 Community Relations  623-333-1600
 Courts Administration  623-333-5800

 Development Services & Engineering


Code Enforcement
Transit Operations



 Finance and Budget  623-333-2000
 Fire and Medical  623-333-6000
 Human Resources


 Information Technology 623-333-4357
Neighborhood & Family Services
and Libraries
 Parks and Recreation  623-333-2400
 Police Department  623-333-7200

Public Works

Fleet Operations
Water Resources
Water Reclamation