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 Zoom Flyer

Service runs every 30 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays.  Fare is 50¢/ride - EXACT FARE REQUIRED

Avondale ZOOM North and South  Schedules - 


 Zoom North 2017

Places to go
Tips for Riding
Bikes on ZOOM

1. Southwest Valley YMCA

2. Estrella Mountain Community College

3. Target

4. Abrazo West Campus

5. Walmart

6.  Estrella High School/Rio Salado College

7. Mosaic Arts Center

8. Historic Avondale

9. Avondale Community Center

10. La Joya High School

11. Cashion

12. Avondale Civic Center

13. Avondale CivicCenter Library

14. Universal Technical Institute

15. Tolleson City Hall

16. Tolleson Crossings

17. Gateway Pavilions

18. Garden Lakes

19. Westview High School

• Look for the ZOOM logo at bus stop signs.


• Plan on arriving at your bus stop

at least five minutes early. Please note that Valley Metro passes are not accepted on the ZOOM. Each ride is $.50. Exact fare is required.


• Let the bus operator know you would like to board the bus by signaling as the bus approaches your stop.

• All ZOOM buses have space for two bikes.


• If you have a bike, please load it by lowering the bike rack on the front of the bus. Secure your bike by extending the hook over the tire.


• If you need to remove your bike, notify the operator. Release the hook from the rack and lift your bike. Return the rack to the upright position, then step away from the bus.

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