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 **COVID-19 Response**   The following official announcements have been made by the city in regards to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   In an effort to minimize the visits to City Hall, please use our online services for paying your water bill

Avondale is following guidance provided by the state Governor’s Executive Orders: Effective Sunday, June 21, 2020 the wearing of face coverings by employees and customers will be required in all city facilities,  retail establishments, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms, indoor sports or activity facilities, and medical offices. Additionally, these businesses will be required to post notice of these requirements at their entrances. (see more: COVID-19 Response)


One-Less Campaign

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Thank you to the residents and staff (pictured above) of the City of Avondale for participating in the 2019 week long One-Less campaign. We encourage residents and staff to continue these efforts all year and we look forward to an even more successful One-Less campaign in 2020. Every action makes a difference!




The City of Avondale is launching a five-day, social media “One-Less” Campaign to challenge all of us to do our part in reducing waste. Starting on October 21st, each day will focus on a different aspect of waste and will have an accompanying challenge. This is an effort to strike inspiration and encourage people to make a cognizant choice to shed wasteful habits.

The idea of going a full day without creating waste can be overwhelming, but the goal of one less wasted item is an ideal first step. And keeping in mind that all journeys need a place to begin, this could be your starting point to leading a greener, less wasteful, and more sustainable life.

Be sure to follow us on social media platforms for updates on the “One-Less” Campaign and share your own pictures using the #avondaleoneless.

DAY 1- Single Use Plastics

  • Avoid using items such as plastic straws and grocery bags
  • Only use reusable silverware (no plasticware)
  • Post a picture of your efforts using the hashtag

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Day 2- Recycling
  • Utilize proper recycling methods
  • Use our helpful High 5 Icon for recycling items
  • Show us your clean, recycled items by taking a pic and posting using the hashtag

Day 3- Keep It Real

  • Avoid take-out or bring your own to-go containers
  • Drink from reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs
  • Post a picture of you Keeping It Real with the hashtag!

Day 4- Green Clean

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Use all- natural or homemade cleaners
  • Show us how you clean green using the hashtag!

Day 5- Zero Waste Day

  • Avoid wasteful habits
  • Can you go the entire day without creating waste?
  • Show us your green side! How are you being green today?


For more information contact Hether Krause at 623-333-4220 or




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