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Thank you to the residents and staff (pictured above) of the City of Avondale for participating in the 2019 week long One-Less campaign. We encourage residents and staff to continue these efforts all year and we look forward to an even more successful One-Less campaign in 2020. Every action makes a difference!




The City of Avondale is launching a five-day, social media “One-Less” Campaign to challenge all of us to do our part in reducing waste. Starting on October 21st, each day will focus on a different aspect of waste and will have an accompanying challenge. This is an effort to strike inspiration and encourage people to make a cognizant choice to shed wasteful habits.

The idea of going a full day without creating waste can be overwhelming, but the goal of one less wasted item is an ideal first step. And keeping in mind that all journeys need a place to begin, this could be your starting point to leading a greener, less wasteful, and more sustainable life.

Be sure to follow us on social media platforms for updates on the “One-Less” Campaign and share your own pictures using the #avondaleoneless.

DAY 1- Single Use Plastics

  • Avoid using items such as plastic straws and grocery bags
  • Only use reusable silverware (no plasticware)
  • Post a picture of your efforts using the hashtag

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Day 2- Recycling
  • Utilize proper recycling methods
  • Use our helpful High 5 Icon for recycling items
  • Show us your clean, recycled items by taking a pic and posting using the hashtag

Day 3- Keep It Real

  • Avoid take-out or bring your own to-go containers
  • Drink from reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs
  • Post a picture of you Keeping It Real with the hashtag!

Day 4- Green Clean

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Use all- natural or homemade cleaners
  • Show us how you clean green using the hashtag!

Day 5- Zero Waste Day

  • Avoid wasteful habits
  • Can you go the entire day without creating waste?
  • Show us your green side! How are you being green today?


For more information contact Hether Krause at 623-333-4220 or




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