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Avondale is a city on the grow! Once a small agricultural community west of Phoenix, over the past decade our population has more than doubled as we have transformed into a leading Valley city for recreation, entertainment, living, and employment. With plans for significant growth in our future, you can expect Avondale to continue evolving.

 Municipal Sustainability Plan cover page

 Municipal Sustainability Plan

Throughout our growth, Avondale has recognized the importance of sustainability, which is systematic action that creates economically viable, socially equitable, and ecologically integrated conditions to ensure present and future generations are able to survive and thrive. Using these principles helps us build a bright, more livable Avondale for today and tomorrow. 

There are many ways you can live sustainably for yourself, our community, and the planet, and it's easier than you think! Explore the pages of our Municipal Sustainability Plan to find ways to save money, prevent pollution, stay healthy, and make our community an even better place to live and grow.

progress report    

2019 Municipal Sustainability Plan Progress Report 

In 2014, City Council and Mayor Kenn Weise approved the Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) which established the City of Avondale’s sustainability goals. The MSP outlines actions that integrate our economy, quality of life for our residents, and our environment to ensure that future generations are able to survive and thrive. This progress report highlights the City of Avondale’s successes in the eleven categories listed in the MSP. The City will continue to aggressively implement the MSP to achieve our goals and will provide progress reports on our future successes.

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Avondale's future is bright. By working together, we can create the sustainable city we want to see!

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