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Stormwater Management Plan

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Avondale’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II MS4 Permit requires a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) with six Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) that the City must implement in order to comply with state and federal regulations. The actions used to complete the MCMs are called Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Below are the various MCMs and BMPs that comprise Avondale's Stormwater Management Plan. Click on an MCM to learn more about what we are doing in that area.

MCM 1 - Public Education & Outreach

The City uses outreach events and the media to educate residents on what stormwater management is, why it is important, and how to help keep pollutants from entering the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Education and outreach are vital because everyone has a part to play in a healthy stormwater system.

  • BMP 1 - Distribute stormwater educational materials

  • BMP 2 - Disseminate stormwater educational messages in local news media

  • BMP 3 - Disseminate stormwater messages with links on the City’s website

MCM 2 - Public Involvement & Participation

This MCM provides opportunities for the City and residents to work together to identify issues and solutions for stormwater management. There are ample opportunities to participate throughout the year, so get on board!

  • BMP 1 - Continue complying with state and local public notice requirements

  • BMP 2 - Implement a volunteer cleanup program

  • BMP 3 - Hold a public hearing on the Storm Water Management Plan and Notice of Intent

  • BMP 4 - Update the City Council on the Storm Water Management Plan annually

MCM 3 - Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

Detecting and eliminating illegal discharges is one of the most important aspects of the SWMP because these measures are what ultimately keep our groundwater free from stormwater pollutants. And while catching violators is key, education about what can and cannot go into the MS4 is just as important.

  • BMP 1 - Develop an illicit discharge ordinance

  • BMP 2 - Create an outfall inspection program

  • BMP 3 - Develop a storm sewer map that shows all outfalls

  • BMP 4 - Develop and distribute educational materials about illicit discharges

  • BMP 5 - Develop and implement complaint receipt procedures

MCM 4 - Construction Site Runoff Controls

Construction sites often have little vegetation to anchor soil and may house large concentrations of stormwater pollutants. Likewise, these sites may not have a full stormwater management system in place, so special measures are necessary. These BMPs give guidance for minimizing construction stormwater runoff to keep sediment and other pollution out of our MS4.

  • BMP 1 - Develop and adopt an erosion and sediment control ordinance

  • BMP 2 - Develop and implement policies and procedures for plan review

  • BMP 3 - Develop and distribute technical guidance materials

  • BMP 4 - Develop and implement a construction site inspection and enforcement program

  • BMP 5 - Develop and implement compliant receipt procedures

  • BMP 6 - Provide the development community with educational material

MCM 5 – Post-construction Runoff Controls

It is important to ensure that stormwater flows correctly after new developments are finished. This MCM helps the City and developers make sure that stormwater control measures in new construction areas contribute to a healthy stormwater management system after building is complete.

  • BMP 1 - Develop and adopt a post-construction stormwater runoff ordinance

  • BMP 2 - Develop and adopt technical guidance materials

  • BMP 3 - Develop policies and procedures for plan review

  • BMP 4 - Develop an inspection and enforcement program

  • BMP 5 - Provide the development community with educational materials

MCM 6 – Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

Avondale understands that a strong SWMP begins right here with our City operations. We are committed to ensuring our own actions foster excellent stormwater management and pollution prevention, and focus on education and smart practices to accomplish this Control Measure.

  1. BMP 1 - Develop and implement a municipal pollution prevention program
  2. BMP 2 - Train City employees about pollution prevention
  3. BMP 3 - Evaluate street sweeping practices