Graffiti Prevention and Removal

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Keep Your Property Graffiti Free!

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Graffiti is the most common type of property vandalism (35%) according to the Bureau of Justice statistics. Below are some tip to help fight graffiti in your neighborhood:

  • The most effective way to prevent graffiti is to remove it promptly. Studies show that removal within 24-48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence.
  • Report graffiti to the Police Department.
  • Restrict access to graffiti-prone areas by planting trees or other greenery.
  • Install lighting in areas that are dark and targets for graffiti.
  • Use a graffiti resistant surface treatment.
Avondale city code requires that all surfaces including, but not limited to, buildings, walls, parking lots, signs, fences, and dumpsters must be kept graffiti free and that graffiti be removed from any surface within forty-eight (48) hours.

To Report Graffiti Crime

If you observe graffiti in progress on your property, please visit the Avondale Police Department website to file a police report for criminal damage.

9-1-1 / NON-EMERGENCY: 623.333.7000 

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To Report Graffiti Needing To Be Removed
For your convenience when reporting graffiti that needs to be removed, please use our online complaint form or feel free to access the myAvondale smartphone app for any other suspected code violation.  Please email Code Compliance, or at 623.333.2701 if you have any questions or need additional information.



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