Annual Report

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Uniquely Avondale Annual Report - photo of police officers, carnival rides, businesses, kid on playground, cotton fieds


Avondale, Arizona is a community where people share a deep sense of pride in what has been accomplished
and how far we have come. In Avondale, there is strong belief that the blending of a broad spectrum of
cultures comes from a true sense of harmony throughout the community. Here, people and businesses are
welcomed with open arms and supported in a way that exemplifies a dynamic, intelligent and driven city,ready to take on the future.


This document serves as a statement of fulfillment of the City Council’s goals in 2017, highlighting many of
the achievements and successes of the previous year. This report reflects the City of Avondale’s commitment
to providing superior services to our constituents; residents, businesses, workers and visitors.
Avondale is Aspiring. Achieving. Accelerating.