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Charter, Code, And Zoning Ordinance

City Code Violations 

Report possible code violations using the Online Code Complaint Form or by calling Code Enforcement at (623) 333-2701.

City Code Amendments 

As published online, the City Code was last updated in October 2018 and includes up to Ordinance 1650-518 adopted by the City Council on July 29, 2018.  The following ordinances have been adopted by the Council but have not been included in the latest update online. 

Ordinance #
Date Adopted

Amends Chapter 2 (Administration), Article 1 (In General), by repealing Section 2-2 in its entirety pertaining to City Council Meeting Times. 

May 20, 2019 
1696-719 Amends Chapter 4.5 Cable Television Systems pertaining to video service license agreements.
 July 22, 2019
1697-719 Amends Chapter 21 pertaining to the installation of fiber conduit.
 July 22, 2019
 1698-719 Amends various chapters of the City Code pertaining to city administration. July 29, 2019 
 1700-819 Amends , Chapter 13 (Licenses, Taxation and Miscellaneous Business Regulations) , Article IV (Alcoholic Beverage License), Amending Section 88 pertaining to application: publication of notice and fees: Section 93 pertaining transfers August 26, 2019  


Amends Chapter 2 of the Avondale City Code by amending Section 2-54 pertaining to definitions: amending Section 2-55 pertaining to Employee Groups:  and Amending Section 2-65 pertaining to Memorandum of Understanding: and providing for severability and for an effective date  
September 9, 2019


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