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Avondale to Deploy Fireworks Enforcement Team this weekend

Post Date:06/29/2020

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For immediate release: June 29, 2020 

“Zero Tolerance.”

Avondale to Deploy Fireworks Enforcement Team this weekend

The City of Avondale is reminding the public that there will be “zero tolerance” for illegal fireworks use related to the Independence Day celebrations. Avondale Police and Fire-Medical departments will deploy additional personnel to patrol city streets and neighborhoods to ensure that the community is celebrating safely.

“Protecting the health, safety and welfare of our community is our top priority. With the risk of fire danger especially high this time of year, fireworks pose an additional concern,” said Avondale Fire-Medical Chief Jeff Case. “We’ve already responded to at least one house fire that was started as a result of fireworks this past weekend.”

Said Avondale Police Chief Dale Nannenga: “Last year, Avondale PD responded to a flood of complaints regarding improper use of fireworks in neighborhoods throughout the city. This year, we will be deploying an additional 25 officers to patrol neighborhoods. There will be enforcement against illegal fireworks, as well as legal fireworks that are being used improperly.”

The Avondale Police Department states that persons found in violation of the permissible consumer firework restrictions or of setting off any products other than the permissible consumer fireworks will be subject to a criminal citation or complaint. The sale or use of any illegal fireworks in the city is subject to a fine of $1000 for each violation.  A person may be legally and financially liable for injuries caused by using any fireworks, as well and any fire that results from use of illegal fireworks of inappropriate use of legal fireworks. 

Avondale Fire-Medical personnel will support their Avondale PD colleagues with a presence in the neighborhoods, and sharing public education and safety messages about the danger that fireworks pose. According to fire and safety professionals, fireworks can result in severe burns, fractures, or scars, disfigurement  or even death. Serious injuries each year typical from fireworks are harm to the eyes, head, or hands.  Even sparklers, which are considered by many to be harmless, can reach temperatures of more than 1,000° F.  

“Our hospitals already are stretched to capacity dealing with the coronavirus crises,” said Chief Case. “Let’s not further burden our healthcare professionals with fireworks injuries.”

Avondale’s public safety officers also remind the public that it is illegal to discharge a firearm into the air.  Discharging a weapon into the air can result in fatal injuries occurring to innocent members of our community.  Anyone who is found shooting a weapon into the air will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

When it comes to celebrating July 4 or any holiday with consumer fireworks, the city of Avondale reminds residents and businesses to remember the Four B’s to Celebrate Safe. 

  • Be Responsible – use only legal fireworks, clean up fireworks debris
  • Be Neighborly– be courteous, follow ordinances --  not all people (or pets) are fans of fireworks
  • Be Prepared – Have water nearby and put pets indoors
  • Be Safe – only adults should light fireworks

According to Arizona Revised Statutes section 36-1606, consumer fireworks are permissible for use during the following dates: Between May 4 - May 6, June 24 -July 6 and Dec. 24- Jan. 3 of each year and the second and third days of Diwali of each year. The sale of fireworks is permissible between April 25 - May 6, May 20 - July 6 and Dec. 10 – Jan. 3 of each year and five days before the first day of Diwali through the third day of Diwali of each year.

Other important information to know is that consumer fireworks may not be sold to persons under 16 years of age. Consumer fireworks use is prohibited on public property, including streets, city parks/open spaces. Consumer fireworks use is allowed on private property within city limits, with the owner’s consent.

For a list of acceptable and non-acceptable consumer fireworks to use or for purchase in Arizona view the complete list of authorized items , courtesy of The Arizona Fireworks Newswire.

For specific information regarding approved use and sale of fireworks in Avondale, contact the Avondale Fire Marshal, at 623-333-6140, email ; More educational information about fireworks safety can be found at the National Fire Protection website, . 

To report a violation please call 623-333-7001.  Call 9-1-1 in instances when the activity is in process and poses a threat or danger to others or yourself.






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