Notice is hereby given that during its regular meeting of December 18th, the Council will consider a resolution  to establish Standard Terms and Conditions, Design Standards  and establish fees for wireless facilities in the right-of-way.

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       ARS § 9-511.01                          

 Public Notice of Proposed Increase in Water/Wastewater Rates

At its regular meeting of January 16, 2018 the Avondale City Council will consider a recommendation to raise water and wastewater rates. Public Meetings will be held on December 12, 14 from 6 – 7:00 p.m. 

 Water and Wastewater Rate Increase - Report




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City Hall ClockAvondale City Hall is located at 11465 West Civic Center Drive

 Located within the center of the Avondale Civic Center, City Hall consists of several city departments, including the office of Mayor & Council, City Manager's, City Clerks, Community Relations & Public Affairs, Economic Development, Information Technology, Finance & Budget, Human Resources, Code Enforcement, Development & Engineering Services, Water Billing and Parks and recreation. The City Court, Police Administration Building and Civic Center Library can also be located at the Avondale Civic Center.



The My Avondale Services interactive map helps residents locate City facilities and obtain information about various services provided by the City of Avondale.

To locate a service, simply click the magnifying glass icon and enter an address in the search box, or click directly on the map where your home is located.

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In the Zone The In the Zone interactive map helps keep the Avondale community informed about development activity around the city. 

A user can view zoning around the city, the city's General Plan, view school district boundaries, Capital Improvement Projects happening around the city and new development projects. 

The Development & Engineering Services staff are available to answer building, code, zoning, or civil engineering questions.



Geospatial Information Services Division

Avondale's Geospatial Information Services Division is the one-stop-shop for the City's GIS data, as well as spatial analysis services. 

The team collaborates with Maricopa County, the State of Arizona, Arizona State University, to create rich data resources for use in local government-- e.g., streets, utilities, crime maps, economic development, and planning, Home Owners' Association requests, and more.

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