Notice is hereby given that during its regular meeting of December 18th, the Council will consider a resolution  to establish Standard Terms and Conditions, Design Standards  and establish fees for wireless facilities in the right-of-way.

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       ARS § 9-511.01                          

 Public Notice of Proposed Increase in Water/Wastewater Rates

At its regular meeting of January 16, 2018 the Avondale City Council will consider a recommendation to raise water and wastewater rates. Public Meetings will be held on December 12, 14 from 6 – 7:00 p.m. 

 Water and Wastewater Rate Increase - Report



Water Quality

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Water Quality Testing and Monitoring 

The City of Avondale’s goal is to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater service to its citizens; comply with all environmental and health standards; anticipate and respond to emergencies in a timely, appropriate manner.

The City's Environmental Technician oversees water quality compliance throughout the city by sampling on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis with additional special sampling done as needed. 

Where Does Our Water Come From?

The City’s drinking water source is 100% groundwater. Our water supply is not exposed to air and is not subject to direct pollution and contamination like a river or a reservoir. In fact, groundwater is the safest and highest quality water available to meet the public’s demand.

All of our water is pumped through production wells. These wells are located throughout the City to provide sufficient flows and pressures. The aquifer from which we draw water is called the West Salt River Valley Sub-Basin.  The city consumes over 13,000 acre-feet of water per year.  That is approximately 12 billion gallons every day.  

 How Is My Water Tested and Treated?

The groundwater delivered to your tap by nature is 99.9% microbial free. The City treats and tests at the production wells and reservoirs and continues to monitor to ensure that it remains safe to your tap.  Not only do we test and monitor the water, we maintain a level of chlorine throughout the distribution system. This chlorine is important to ensure disinfection.

An annual Consumer Confidence Report of the City's water quality testing results is created and distributed by the Public Works Department. This publication is mailed to every customer in the City of Avondale service area on or before July 1st of every year.

For more information please contact

Public Works Department     623.333.4400   24 hours seven days a week