Notice is hereby given that during its regular meeting of December 18th, the Council will consider a resolution  to establish Standard Terms and Conditions, Design Standards  and establish fees for wireless facilities in the right-of-way.

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       ARS § 9-511.01                          

 Public Notice of Proposed Increase in Water/Wastewater Rates

At its regular meeting of January 16, 2018 the Avondale City Council will consider a recommendation to raise water and wastewater rates. Public Meetings will be held on December 12, 14 from 6 – 7:00 p.m. 

 Water and Wastewater Rate Increase - Report



Water Conservation

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 Water Conservation Program

The City of Avondale’s water conservation program is an important part of the management and planning of the City’s limited water resources for today and into the future.

By developing a few easy, common-sense water use habits, our customers can continue their current lifestyle while saving water, money and helping the City reach its water conservation goals.

Programs such as leak detection, school presentations, residential landscape classes, indoor and outdoor rebates, water audits have been integral parts of Avondale’s water conservation programs for many years.

The city promotes conservation techniques year-round, regardless of the amount of available water, or the existence of a drought to help residents continue to conserve precious water for the future and enjoy their quality of life in the City of Avondale. 

  • Home Water Checkup – A service designed to assist you in determining your water use, how and where to check for leaks and provide ways to become water efficient in your home.  
  • Rebates – Receive up to $600 for replacement of high water use fixtures/landscapes to water efficient fixtures and landscapes. 
  • School Programs – Schools can schedule a free educational and fun water conservation assembly or request activity booklets designed to specific grades.    
  • Homeowner Classes and Workshops – The City offers free classes on irrigation, plant selection, and plant maintenance.
  • Water in the Streets – Staff responds to reports of water in the streets.  Call 623.333.4400
  • Brochures – Free booklets and pamphlets on smart home water management and how to have a water efficient landscape. 
  • Project WET – A water education program for teaching and training educators on local water resources utilizing science, technology, engineering and math.    
  • Landscape Consultation – Staff is available to answer questions related to plant selection, water scheduling, and techniques for saving water. Master Gardener and Certified Arborist on staff. 
  • HOA's/Commerical and Industrial Customers – Staff can provide valuable information on ways to save money on indoor and outdoor water use.    

To request information on any of the items above, click here to submit a service request to the Public Works Department.  


Public Works Department 623.333.4400 


Regional Partnerships

 The city is involved at the local, regional, and national levels of water conservation education to provide the most beneficial ways to conserve water.

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