Notice is hereby given that during its regular meeting of December 18th, the Council will consider a resolution  to establish Standard Terms and Conditions, Design Standards  and establish fees for wireless facilities in the right-of-way.

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       ARS § 9-511.01                          

 Public Notice of Proposed Increase in Water/Wastewater Rates

At its regular meeting of January 16, 2018 the Avondale City Council will consider a recommendation to raise water and wastewater rates. Public Meetings will be held on December 12, 14 from 6 – 7:00 p.m. 

 Water and Wastewater Rate Increase - Report



Neighborhood & Family Services

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The Neighborhood & Family Services Department was created in 2006 to support and nurture the development of families and the neighborhoods in which they live. The goal of the department is to enhance the quality of life and sense of community experienced by residents and families in Avondale's many neighborhoods. 

Mission: "Advancing our community's quality of life by strengthening neighborhoods, promoting self-reliance and inspiring pride."

Vision:   "To be the foremost leader in helping families, neighborhoods and businesses thrive."


Chris Lopez, Neighborhood & Family Services Director

General Admin Line:  623.333.2700

                   Direct Line:  623.333.2711

     Fax:  623.333.0270


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